Combat Archery in Birmingham.


This location is not hosted directly by Midlands Combat Archery. Please click here to go to the site.

Located at ‘Goals’ Star City, Watson Road, Birmingham. B7 5SA.

Birmingham venue

Midlands Combat Archery offers experiences throughout the Midlands. The Birmingham site is run by one of our partners. We can assist you with bookings throughout the Midlands, so please get in touch with us if you need help.

There are so many ways you can bring people along for the experience. How about a work inter-department match? Take on the Accounts or IT department in a game that will level everyone and leave you all laughing. A great way to let off steam and get everyone working together.

Whether you are part of a work group, some friends and family, stag or hen party, or just simply want to fire away , we have games and styles to suit you.

Midlands Combat Archery would be delighted if you dropped by our Facebook page and said hello. Post a photo or video, we would love to see how you enjoyed your day with us.