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Games at Midlands Combat Archery

During a typical 1 hour session we will play many action packed games which may include the following:

– Free for all

– Hunger games

– Archery tag

– Team elimination

– Gauntlet

– Protect the VIP

– Capture the flag

– Scavenger Hunt

Games at Midlands Combat Archery
What is Combat archery?
What is Combat archery? We will begin by explaining the key parts of the equipment and getting you into your shooting position, before having a few practice shots. We will then split you off into two teams as you prepare to do battle. Take aim at your opponents as you discover your inner Robin Hood, ducking and diving behind barricades to become the overall champion. Combat archery is a fun, energetic, fast paced game with endless possibilities guaranteed to add fun and laughter to any event.
Getting ready for your archery combat session
Your archery combat session will be begin by getting used to the equipment, which is great fun by itself as you learn new skills. During the games you will be running around, ducking and diving behind barricades. With larger groups we will rotate players on and off, it is quite physical and you’ll be happy with a breather. The rules vary depending which games we play, however all the games we play are great fun.


Overview of the game
Beginning: Explanation of the key parts of the equipment, how to adopt a correct shooting position, how to take aim, safety rules.

Combat archery experience: we use a maximum of 20 bows in each session, the activity itself is hot and tiring, so we can rotate participants if necessary rest time is required,

Terms & Conditions
Ages: 9 years old to 60 +

We allow adults and kids to play in the same sessions together. Parental consent required for any participant under 16.

The minimum age, we recommend is 9 years old, however this depends on the height of the participant.

Children must be generally fit and well. A disclaimer will need to be signed on the day by a parent or guardian.